TV & Video

Television Production

chairSince 1991, Akanke has produced and hosted progressive community-based television talk shows including The Africentric Agenda and Creating Empowerment.   She has interviewed a variety of captivating authors, scholars, artists, leaders and community activists known locally and internationally for their culturally-enriching and scholarly contributions.  Some of her guest have included Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Dr. Charles King, Dr. Charles Finch, historian Modupe Sais, Michael Joseph, Hakim Yamini, and Nurriddin Faiz.

In addition to her credits as a television producer, Akanke has hosted several television programs including Community Forum, Conversations, Innerviews, and Faith and Good Works where she interviewed a variety of guests, including Tayyibah Taylor, founder of Azizah Magazine, Zaynab Ansari, Nadim Sulaiman Ali, and others, in topic areas of faith, actvisim and religion. She has also acted in short films and corporate videos.

In 2003, Akanke's interest turned towards documentary production to pursue intriguing real-life stories.  She has produced short documentaries and continues pursuing this interest.  Her production experience is complemented by a Bachelors degree in Communication from Georgia State University where she studied film, television and cultural anthropology.

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Akanke has a bachelor's degree in Film/TV. Her production experience includes:

  • Live TV Talk Shows
    • Producer
    • On-Air Host
    • Guest Interviews
    • Audience Call-in
  • Recorded Shows
    • Magazine Format
    • Documentary Shorts
  • Pre-Production
    • Guest Coordination
    • Scheduling
    • Planning & Development
  • Production
    • On Screen Host
  • Post-Production