Welcome to the site of creative woman and renaissance soul Akanke Rasheed. Akanke is a woman with many passions that are uniquely expressed.

Art, creativity, and communication are part of Akanke’s natural rhythm in life.

She enjoys being multi-talented and having multiple passions and finds delight knowing that instead of limiting herself to just one form of creative expression, she has the freedom to do many things. She has a variety of technical and creative skills which blend together to form her style and passion.

Through all that she does, Akanke celebrates the gift of life itself and discovers more of her true essence as well as the true essence of others.  Her journey is an inquisitive, wondrous, and authentic journey—sometimes fluid and fertile, and sometimes challenging and thwarting—but always a journey of fascination and ascension.

Her creative work, passion and endeavors are displayed throughout this site. Akanke also enjoys self-development, health, wellness, writing and public speaking.  Everything she does is part of her creative gifts and an expression of her gratitude to the Creator for them.

Enjoy. ♥  Engage. ♥

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